#Hamana R8 • Tokyo Auto Salon • @vossen_japan • @vossen | #vps

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#Hamana R8 • Tokyo Auto Salon • @vossen_japan • @vossen | #vps

More fun http://websitepromotioncodes.com/

Free VPS from DigitalOcean Coupons

If you are clear on the need to have an offsite backup of your VPS or dedicated server, let’s see how you can achieve this for free.

The simplest option is to connect to your server daily via FTP or SecureFTP, just like you do when you upload new files to your website. To have a backup of your VPS server files, you can simply create a folder on your local computer and copy all server files there. To save your data records, you can connect to the server using SSH (for Linux server) or Terminal Services (for Windows servers) and create a database backup (from MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle, depending which of the popular database engines your website is using). To complete the backup, you have to download this database backup locally to your computer and keep it together with the server files you already copied there.

In the event of a disaster, you can use this collection of files to restore both the server/website files and the database records. But keeping on top of things takes a lot of time each day, and restoring your server to a previous state requires a lot of tinkering with file permission rights and database restore procedures.

Another option is to have rsync (a popular Unix/Linux application) installed and configured for you. Rsync is very smart - it can keep a local folder synchronized with one hosted on a remote one (running an rsync service itself) and it is capable to transferring remotely only the files that changed, which saves a lot of bandwidth. Rsync setups can be very professional and done properly are a reliable solution. Yet, in order to deploy rsync you need a secondary server and some experience configuring *nix services, testing and maintaining complex scripts and overall is a whole specialty job in itself. Unless you are a Linux guru or you hired the sysadmin I mentioned above, this solution can be really expensive to implement and maintain for a simple VPS server running an online store.

Another option you might consider is using a free vps backup account - this service gives 5GB of storage space for free with a friendly web interface to manage it and a special backup client application to install on your server. It works on Linux, Windows, Mac and even Novell or commercial Unix distributions, and it can backup files (even open files), databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc), collaboration applications (MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, Lotus Notes) and even the infamous Windows System State required to restore Windows Server or Client OS. As long as you have access to the web and your server, installation and configuration can be done even with basic level of expertise in managing servers and configuring backup. First you need to create an account; then you can log to the web interface and define your backup sets (files, databases etc); and last, you follow the instructions and install the client application on your VPS server, than configure it using the same account credentials as you created initially for the web interface. The web settings allow you to specify what folders and databases you want backed up, how often, how to want data encrypted etc. In the event of a hardware failure or hacker attack, you can restore the files using the client application either to the same server or a different one. And if you need the same files on your local computer, you can even restore them locally from the web interface. And you get all these features for free while using up to 5GB of storage space (your compressed backups, over one or multiple days, total less than 5GB) or alternatively you can opt to buy a premium plan to benefit from up to 500GB of disk quota on the backup server.

These are the main options to backup your VPS server for free that I know of - please comment and let me know if you have others to share. You can also use DigitalOcean Coupons to save $10 on VPS server.

The Beginners Guide To Cheap VPS Server

This is because there are lots of businesses right now that provides virtual private server hosting plans. They range from high-end costly cheap vps server plans to cheap cheap vps server plans. Amidst this confusion, it is just fitting to have a guideline on what you should check in a cheap vps server company to figure out if that business is right for you or not. Thus, this article is an attempt to inform the buyer on the guidelines he needs to know before selecting the right hosting business for his website hosting server.

Hardware Resources

The first factor you need to check in purchasing plans from a certain hosting business is the hardware resources that they are offering. This specification is important since it could figure out the output of your applications’ performance. Details like specifications of the host server and dedicated minimum amount of RAM/CPU/network usage are included. Also, you need to know how many VPS are running on the host server that you planned on purchasing. You may tend to neglect this fact but it is important to consider because you’re sharing the host server’s resources with all the different VPS you have on the network. Knowing how the resource contention is handled is also a deciding factor. You might also want to know what occurs if all of other VPSes inside your network are running intensive processes. Will it slow down other VPSes on the network? If it does, what are their back-up plans? Details like this are important to consider in purchasing an efficient cheap vps server.

Virtualization Technology

Next, you need to check on the virtualization technology of the hosting business. In this specification, it includes understanding the underlying operating program of that VPS. Is it Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows? Are they using User Mode Linux, QEMU, or XEN? Why was that specific technologies chosen? More importantly, know how are hardware upgrades handled?

Company Details

Understanding the details of a web hosting company before deciding to avail their cheap vps server plans is very important. It’s in this guide which you could determine if that business could offer you effective functioning. Initial, determine the type of support they offered. Is it through phone, email or chat? Is it 24/7? Or just during office hours? You also require to know the history of the company, how long it has been within the business, what’s the company’s client retention rate, did they expertise server downtime and most importantly, what back up measures do they employ throughout these downtimes.


Of course, prices vary with every various hostings. You will find high-end but expensive plans and you will find also cheap plans. Actually, the cost for every VPN plans varies from $5-$100, depending on the functions and services offered.

All in all, following being able to consider the above details, choose a company that suits your particular needs. Most importantly, select the cheap vps server company that will offer you efficient functioning for your website. There are certain features within the plans offered that will assist you to in making your website much more effective. Choose the cheap vps server business that provides this feature. Moreover, if you have enough knowledge with managing your VPS and you do not need their manage-assisted feature, you could usually choose the cheapest in buying cheap vps server service.

Cheap Windows VPS – What Should You Choose for a Cheap VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is based on the concept of virtualization and is a cluster of small virtual servers on a physical server that are created with help of virtual partition between. All these virtual servers have an independent identity and function separately from each other.

This division of a physical server into numerous small virtual servers via a virtual partition is known as VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting comes in operating systems namely Cheap Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows VPS is more user-friendly and is not based on text based commands. Windows VPS is a virtual server that has Windows as its operating system. Because a Windows VPS is Windows based it is compatible with lots of applications. ColdFusion, ASP.Net, MS SQL etc are very much compatible with a Windows VPS. So businesses that need these applications should opt for a Windows VPS in VPS Hosting.

It is very interesting to note that in VPS Hosting every user has its separate server for himself but he still shares the same internet connection as well as the hardware with the others. And despite this sharing feature you still get your own personal server along with your very own dedicated IP and a root access to your server. These features make virtual server behave just like a dedicated server. So you can enjoy the features of dedicated hosting in a VPS Hosting as well.

Also a VPS Hosting solution is very much secured so you do not have to worry about the confidentiality of your stored data on your Windows Virtual Server. We can say that a VPS Hosting solution is a mid way between a Shared Hosting and a Dedicated Hosting solution. It is advantageous as it cuts down the cost of owning a private server as compared to a dedicated server hosting solution.

Apart from the above features there are lots of other features that you get in this type of hosting such as-

  • -          Ease of installation
  • -          Independent rebooting of server as and when required
  • -          Customization of server
  • -          Scalability of server. You can increase or decrease your resources on the server as per your needs.

Overall we can say that you make a shift from shared hosting to dedicated hosting at cheaper price by opting for a virtual server or VPS Hosting. You get the same features of dedicated hosting at a much cheaper price.

So all the individuals as well as businesses which are on budget and still want to have lots of features should choose a VPS Hosting solution as you will be able to have this hosting for as low as $9.99 a month. UCVHOST is one such provider that provides VPS Hosting at such cheap prices.

Who all should choose Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

-          Everyone who is on budget and still wants all the features of a dedicated hosting.

-           Also it is the most ideal for small as well as medium scale businesses.

-          It is a bright option if you plan to build a social networking site or a blog site which needs some specific features.

-          Also a VPS Hosting solution will be great for webmasters as it provides them a cheap and an affordable platform for testing their applications.

-          One who wishes to set up his own email server or email VPS should opt for this hosting as well.

-          If you need a solution that can be customized on a daily basis at a cheaper price then virtual server hosting is for you.

-          Also if you have less knowledge about managing your server then go for it as your provider will manage your server for you free of cost. Try UCVHOST as we have perfected the art of managing servers for last 11 years.

-          You can host unlimited websites under the same account in a virtual server so choose it if you want to do so.

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Godaddy Best Web Hosting to Date

On the My Account page you will see a list of your domains. Recently we’ve launched a new tool for GoDaddy coupon code expiring domains. Third , you will arrive to a list of all the domains you currently have registered with godaddy.

Most important, GoDaddy is making this move because they want to create an industry utility—the single standard by which domain owners can park their domains for the best results or sell their domains to the broadest audience. OK so click on apply filter and watch all those worthless domains disappear and we now have domains that are really worth there weight in gold but we have a little more work to do. Wanting to try out their system, I immediately transferred one of my domains that I hosted at Godaddy to review the system.

If you are having problems snagging backorder domains from GoDaddy , all hope is not lost. So for the example I am going to use ones of the domains and not all of them to show you how its done. I no longer support Godaddy and I’m moving all my domains from them to another registrar for reasons I’ll explain below.

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving sat down with me to discuss GoDaddy’s strategy behind their new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD), why owners should adopt these domains to help define their business, and an inside scoop about the rollout of close to 800 TLDs planned for release later this year. GoDaddy tells me the 7,000 registrations are more than the number of registrations forES,DE,EU, and many other domains at GoDaddy during the same time period. One of the main points bought up in most of the discussions was how much of a rip-off Godaddy is. I’ve been registering my domains with Godaddy and I’m now convinced that there are better options available.

Secondly , This page often changes on Godaddy, but you will want to locate the “Domains” link which shows you all the domains you currently have with Godaddy. From this page you will be able to quickly accept any domains that are pending ownership transfer. A Domains By Proxy log in screen will pop up in a new window.

Domain sellers such as GoDaddy are beginning to promote a list of top level domains which will become available, including REALTOR. As always, the most popular word in sold domains was “online”. On the Domains page, in the Status column for the domain that you are verifying, click Click to verify domain.

All these changes, of course, affect the domain name value for those geo domains (and we are not talking about city.com or state.com or country.com domains – we are talking about geo targeted professional service names like FortMeyersLawnServices.com). I just calculated what I would save a year with the number of domains I have and it pays for itself 8 times over. Log into your GoDaddy account and click My Accounts (top right) > Domains > Click on the domain ( “Launch” ) you wish to use with Google Apps.

In these seven easy steps I will show you how to exercise your most powerful vote by using your money to transfer your domains from Godaddy , or really any registrar for that matter, to the honorable Namecheap. In the confirmation dialog box, click Finish Your domain status is now listed as Verified in the list of domains. Afternic, based in Waltham, Mass., provides a marketplace for domain owners to sell their domains.

Now that you have your account set up there, log in and go to the top “Domains” dropdown tab and select “Transfer Domains to GoDaddy”. Thirty months after allowing domains to be registered by aliens of the extra-planetary kind, GoDaddy extends its generous offer to local earth species. Many of the best domains were already registered, asla has been marketed (albeit weakly) as a domain for Los Angeles for more than a decade.

If you’re currently using Godaddy or thinking about registering domains or using their infamously bad web hosting then you’ll want to read the rest of this post to see why I’m no longer giving Godaddy any of my business and why you should explore other options as well.

The Advantages of Using a Windows VPS

The first practical way to create your own website is to use an existing free sites like hubpages, blooger, weebly, squidoo, etc. The good thing about these sites is that you don’t have to worry about site maintenance like backup and layouting and the monetization is built-in.

But there may be a time you decide to create your own website should you wish to promote specific products either as an affiliate or run an online store. Now, the first factor to consider is money so you may opt for cheap shared hostings.

The good thing about shared hosting nowadays is that you can have several sites in one account with unlimited bandwidth plus other bonus like unlimited emails and storage. Except for one big drawback that if one site is causing trouble in one shared IP, your site maybe in trouble depending on how the hosting companies deals with such issues.

One big solution that could solve the shared hosting problem is to have your own dedicated server. This hosting allows you to have your own machine sitting in the data centre which you can fully managed. But the scariest part of it is the cost which runs into about few hundred dollars a month. The good thing though is that it can hold as many sites you can manage for your marketing needs.

In between the cheap shared hosting and the prohibitively expensive dedicated server, another alternative is the VPS, short for Virtual Private Server. The good thing about VPS is that is solves the problem normally occurring in a shared hosting environment, as you can have your own “slice” server that has dedicated CPU usage and memory. It functions pretty much the same as the dedicated server except you don’t have the bigger resources plus of course the cost.

There are heaps of information on the internet today how to set it up. But for newbies, some hosting companies provide cPanel for their VPS offering, which entails you have the freedom from the hassle of dealing the nitty-gritty hardware stuff.

They come very cheap as a good VPS would be around $20. Some are expensive depending on the bandwidth or allowed RAM usage. Some even provide as low as $7 similar to a shared hosting cost but the problem with very cheap Windows VPS is sometimes the hosting company is a heavy reseller so you don’t get good system for that price.

Blogging News Stories as They Happen

Blogging news stories as they unfold is one of the most exciting and controversial applications of technology that bloggers have discovered. One thing that makes the blogosphere so active is the fact that it is possible to update a blog instantaneously, so the news on blogs tends to be more current than the news in the paper, or on television. Unlike news delivered by these other media, news that appears on blogs does not have to travel through a series of editors and administrators before it reaches the public eye. This has some advantages, and some distinct disadvantages.

One of the most notable cases of news hitting a blog before appearing in other media took place in July 2005 when terrorism struck London. As passengers were evacuated from a subway car near an explosion, one man took several photographs of the scene with his cellular phone, and within an hour these images were posted online. First-person accounts of the catastrophe began appearing on blogs soon after these photos
appeared, and people all over the world learned about the events in London by reading the words and seeing the photos posted by bloggers.

The fact that these stories and images were being spread directly by individuals operating without the added filter of a reporter helped to make the crisis feel very immediate to people across the globe. When it comes to blogging, news often appears in a very personal context. This has the potential to be the beginning of an exciting new era of reporting, one that takes “New Journalism” to it’s logical next step by putting the power to shape how the news is written and read directly into the hands
of the public.

Many bloggers and cultural commentators who are champions of the  weblog movement feel that this growing trend of individuals who getting  their news from blogs is a good thing, because it makes the flow of information more democratic. By decentralizing the control of news, blogs allow more voices to enter the field of debate about important current events. However, many people are adamantly opposed to the use of blogs as news outlets, and there are plenty of good arguments on this side of the debate. Unlike newspapers or television stations, few blogs have fact-checkers, and there is little attention paid to journalistic accountability on many blogs. This can lead to the rapid spread of misinformation, and more than one falsehood has taken the blogosphere by storm. The questions about whether blogging news as it happens is ethical or not are very complicated, but no matter where you stand on the topic of current events blogs you are almost sure to agree that this movement has the potential to revolutionize how modern people get their news.